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The Dynamic Living Blog will be focused on opening up real conversation with solving problems to real everyday issues we all face. We can’t pretend to have all the answers but my hope is to build a grassroots growing community that is beyond complaining about the problems through politics and religion. It is time to make an effort in affecting real change with thinking outside of the box when necessary but not reinvent the wheel when there are already successful models happening in other places throughout the world. My goal is to use my radio platform, website and social media to give a complete resource hub for anyone who wants actionable positive change in their own dynamic lives so we have a chance for many people to affect change on a larger scale. Finding real answers with truly no hidden agenda will lead to healing what needs to be fixed. I am thankful you are here and let‘s see where the journey takes us…Stay Tuned!

Voices of the Homeless

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We all have a journey in our lives and we don’t know where it is going to take us. We are from all walks of life with different backgrounds but sometimes find ourselves in situations that we never thought possible. The homeless epidemic doesn’t discriminate between blue collar, white collar, Republican, Democrat, or your sexual orientation, race, color or creed. The concept of Dynamic Living Radio is searching for solutions to our every day problems and giving back, beyond ourselves. I will be creating a regular segment addressing the homeless problem through their own words called “Voices of the Homeless.” This will direct you back to if you’ve been touched and want to help. My philosophy is a generous hand up, not a handout. I am finding organizations that truly want to help the homeless and are making a major impact in their community. One organization I have discovered is The Weingart Center in Los Angeles, CA. Visit their website for an eye opening experience, to get educated, and realize that homelessness is not always what we think or assume. I will leave you with this… John Paul DeJoria is the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Tequila. He was homeless twice, and living out of his car to make ends meet. He is now worth $3 billion. Something to think about. I am thankful you are here and let‘s see where the journey takes us…Stay Tuned!



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