About Scot

Scot had always been passionate about music and the power, personal development had to inspire people to take action. He had been a DJ in college and had always dreamed of creating his own radio station. After years of working in a number of different fields, he finally decided to make his dream a reality and started Dynamic Living Radio.

The goal of Dynamic Living Radio was to be more than just a place to listen to music. Scot wanted to create a station that would give people the tools to live their best lives. He wanted to share not just great music, but also inspiring TED talks, and interviews on health, wealth, technology, and all aspects of living a more dynamic, fulfilling life.

Scot worked tirelessly to create the perfect and diverse playlist, reaching out to his network of musicians and industry professionals to find the best songs and spoken word content to share with his listeners. He also spent hours scouring the internet for the most inspiring short and long-form self-education content for people from all walks of life. He even reached out to local business owners to ask them to come on the air and share their stories of success.

The station started getting attention, with hundreds to thousands of people tuning in to listen to Scot’s carefully curated selection of music and inspiration. The listeners started to understand and learn there was no other audio resource like this on any radio and podcast platform. The station continues to add never-before pieces of curated audio content like the stories of business owners, rags to riches stories, and everyday tips on living life to the fullest. The music helped to lift everyday listeners’ spirits and formulate a new format of music/ talk radio infotainment.

As the station grew in popularity, Scot was approached by a number of businesses and entrepreneurs looking to get their message out on Dynamic Living Radio. He carefully selected businesses he felt most aligned with the station’s mission and values. The station has evolved into a viable place for anyone to change their daily self-talk patterns just by listening regularly.

Scot was thrilled that he had been able to turn his dream into reality, and that Dynamic Living Radio was positively impacting people’s lives. He was proud of the station he had built and the community continuing to be created, and he knew that he had found his true calling in life.

This is Dynamic Living Radio. You never know what will ring true to you next! Do You Hear the Music?